55 Pretty Hummingbird Tattoos You Can’t Miss

As young people in the new era, they like to attract people’s attention with various cool tattoo designs, which is a way to show themselves. Many animals and plants in nature are perfect tattoo elements, among which birds are the most representative theme. Tattooers like bird design very much, such as Phoenix, swallow, eagle, hummingbird and so on. Hummingbird tattoo is a more meaningful design, so it attracts the majority of tattoo lovers, and is also being used in various designs.

Hummingbirds mainly live in America, north to Alaska, South to Chile, and often appear in Native American legends. In many literature, folklore and mythology, hummingbird is often used as a symbol of love. Hummingbirds are closely related to the Aztecs, where royal family members and religious leaders often have hummingbird feathers, a symbol of identity.

55 Pretty Hummingbird Tattoos You Can't Miss

Source: @_mbailey12