30 Pretty Compass Tattoos You Must Try

Compass tattoo has always been one of the favorite patterns for tattoo lovers. Basically, where you

can find the tattoo, you can find the figure of compass tattoo. So what is the meaning of compass


The compass tattoo represents the progress of civilization. More than 2000 years ago, our great

ancestors invented the compass, papermaking and other four great inventions in China, so that people

do not need to rely only on the big dipper and the sun and other natural objects to distinguish


The compass tattoo represents a firm direction. The emergence of the compass is of great

significance. It represents not only to let oneself find the right direction, but also to let others find the

right direction. No matter where they are, they are unswerving and always point to the south.

The compass tattoo represents a clear light. In this sex and city full of temptations, it's hard to avoid

being lost in temptation and temptation. At this time, we should insist on being unbiased, recognize

clearly and keep ourselves like a compass.

The compass tattoo is a signpost for the right direction. It's very important to have a direction, but it's

more difficult to choose the right direction. Therefore, in choosing the future direction of life, whether

it's work, life or study, we should be able to recognize the good direction all the time like a compass.

We must adhere to the goal in

30 Pretty Compass Tattoos You Must Try

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