30 Pretty Cardinal Tattoos You Can’t Miss

The red crested bird, the cardinal, is one of the most gorgeous birds in North America. It has a spike shaped crown and bright red feathers. It has a distinctive crest on its head, with black feathers around the beak of the male and gray feathers around the beak of the female. This kind of bird is allotype, the distinction shows in their feather color, male bird is dazzling red, and female bird is light reddish brown. Unlike most songbirds, both female and male Cardinals sing and remain the same for years.

Birds are a big category that tattooists like very much. They are also the patterns chosen by many tattooists. The cardinal is a popular bird tattoo, because it is very gorgeous, so it is loved by people. Here we have collected a lot of cardinal tattoo patterns. Hope you like it.

30 Pretty Cardinal Tattoos You Can't Miss

Source: @alexismfish